Welcome to Childrens Health Defenders

Welcome to Childrens Health Defenders! Our goal is to put an end to greedy drug companies using fake studies to push dangerous vaccines on our children while being protected by corrupt politicians.

Our plan is to end this corruption by taking over BOTH major political parties. The truth is a powerful weapon and we will leave no stone unturned.

Despite the constant shadow banning, drug companies trolls and high tech corporation bots, we will continue to speak out about the harm being inflicted on our kids on the billionaire controlled social networks.

But in addition, we will organize from the bottom up using a new “bottom up” social network that we control. Initially, we will start with a single national network called us.childrenshealthdefenders.org.

But as our numbers grow, we intend to launch free speech protecting social networks in every state - and eventually in every Congressional District.

Whether you are an Independent, Republican or Democrat – or a member of any other party – we hope you will join us. Together, we can and will put and end to the drug corporation strangle hold on our kids and on our political system.